If we haven't met yet allow me to introduce myself. I'm Virginia. I'm one of Phoenix's leading independent escorts. I am 34 years old and blessed with a certain je ne sais quoi that keeps me looking much younger than my age. But don't let my youthful look fool you; my body is truly built the way a real woman's body is meant to be built.

My body is best described as curvily proportional. I stand 5'6" with a statuesque classic hourglass figure. With my round, luscious ass and long shapely legs I epitomize erotic feminine grace.

My beautifully proportioned curves are always noticed and seldom forgotten. Not a day goes by that my dewy, youthful skin and luxuriously thick naturally curly sexy hair don't draw a compliment or a double-take from men or women from all walks of life.

But I'm more than just a busty body....I am witty, intuitive, affectionate, responsive, F-U--N and sexy as hell!

I am a charming and engaging woman with a natural flair for all things cerebral and sensual. I approach everything I do with confidence and genuine passion that is hard to overlook and easy to appreciate. I am completely comfortable with how my sensuality and sexuality can fill a room.

It's simple, really. I'm a luscious voluptuous woman who understands.

But don't take my word for it. I invite you to come discover the pleasure of my sublime sensuality for yourself.

You're invited to come again because, well that sort of thing is encouraged!


The excitement of going to a distant place you’ve never seen before. The desire to grasp a taste for exoticism. The thrill of a rush of sensation you've never felt before...

Virginia...the unparalleled sensation for the self-assured man.

You're a self-assured man and you want to explore your limits. And maybe even push beyond them, wherever they may take you.

I know, And I couldn't agree more.

I know you don't want just anybody. You've had your fill of flakes, fakes and all-around dizzy broads. You want a sexy woman not a silly girl. You want it genuine, safe, passionate, un-rushed and maybe sometimes even twice.

You don't want average. You want great.

You want Virginia.

I don't put on shows or airs, I don't like fake so I don't do fake. You always get the real me, all the time. The things I know come to me naturally and enthusiastically.

I am sexy...I do sexy.

Age: 34
Height: 5'6"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Measurements: 37DD
Rates: $160 = 60 mins (2nd session same calendar week only $100)
$250 = 90 mins
$300 = 2 hours
  • Provided services:
  • DP
  • GFE
  • HJ
  • Incall
  • Outcall
  • BJ
  • Kissing
  • Gang Bang

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